Demographer; Teacher of applied Statistics and Demographic Methods

Sven Drefahl,
Senior Lecturer in Demography

I am a Senior Lecturer in Demography and my research spans a range of interdisciplinary topics at the intersection of Demography, Sociology, Epidemiology, Public Health, and Statistics.

I am currently studying the relationship between migration and mortality, determinants of COVID-19 mortality, and more generally the ageing of the Swedish population. The majority of my research is based on individual-level register data of the total Swedish population. Beyond that I am also interested in international trends of health and mortality and demographic methods.

I am currently teaching demographic methods and statistical methods at the advanced level. Given that I am a Demographer using mainly longitudinal register data I have expert knowledge on most flavors of hazard regression (aka survival analysis, aka event-history analysis). I have also a longstanding interest in demographic micro-simulations.

Sven Drefahl

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Photo: Östergötland, Sweden, close to Gunnar Andersson’s farm
Credit: Sven Drefahl

Most Recent publication

Aradhya S, Brandén M, Drefahl S, Obućina O, Andersson G, Rostila M, Mussino E, Juárez SP (2021) Intermarriage and COVID-19 mortality among immigrants. A population-based cohort study from Sweden. BMJ open, Vol. 11, DOI:10.1136/bmjopen-2021-048952

In this study, we use intermarriage as a proxy for language barriers and institutional awareness to understand whether these factors can explain immigrant excess mortality from COVID-19. We conclude that they are not major drivers for the excess mortality from COVID-19 among immigrants. Our results rather suggests that differential exposure to the virus explains the differences.