Photo credit: Sven Drefahl
(Iceland during the 21st Nordic
Demographic Symposium 2019)

An overview on my research is available on this page, however, without any preprints and working papers. Those you can find in my curriculum vitae, which should contain the most complete information. In addition, I maintain my google scholar profile and to some extent my Orcid page.


Andersson, Gunnar; Drefahl, Sven

Risken att dö i covid-19 störreför utrikesfödda och utsatta grupper [not peer-reviewed] Journal Article

Läkartidningen [Journal of the Swedish Medical Association], 4-5 , 2021.

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Institutet för framtidsstudier, Stockholm [Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm] 2021.

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The Influence of Season in Persons Aged 105+ inGermany Masters Thesis

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